America is made better by immigrants.

At Abundant Futures Fund, we know this. We also know that in every corner of our country, there is widespread support for immigrants and for a better, fairer immigration system. We’re working to find and harness these supporters to create an abundant future for all.

Immigration has an outsize impact on our politics, economy, and everyday life

but the issue receives just 1% of total philanthropic funding annually.

Even worse, this funding has decreased 11% in the last decade, even as annual charitable giving grows rapidly.

Why does this matter?

For too long, politicians have weaponized immigration and spurred anti-immigrant rhetoric, making immigration feel too polarizing to support or too intractable to tackle.

But here’s the reality: Our fates are intertwined. Our nation’s immigration policies impact many of America’s most pressing concerns.

Investing in a fair immigration system now will propel us toward a future with a robust democracy and thriving economy, rooted in inclusion and belonging.

Now is the time to join the pro-immigrant movement. Even with limited funding, the movement is propelling forward and achieving victories.

Advocates are improving the lives of immigrant families and blocking xenophobic policies in court. Their work has inspired an outpouring of support from the American public at critical moments, making immigration an enduring part of our national agenda and collective conscience.

What if we finally invested in the people fighting for an immigration system that works for everyone?

What if we finally came together to create a future that was welcoming of new neighbors, and where everyone has opportunities to flourish in the place where they live?

Imagine: Supporters with diverse interests and political perspectives joining forces to ignite progress on immigration and inject much-needed funding into the movement.

That’s the goal of the

Abundant Futures Fund.

Immigration is not a zero-sum game. There are enough resources and wealth in this country to make a more abundant future possible—for all of us. Will you join us in building it?

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Are you ready to change the course of immigration in the United States?

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